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Your Story: It’s Already Written

  • Colorado Lending Source

Over the course of our lives and careers, we each experience moments of absolute clarity; the inner knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Carl Jung would say these moments of insight point to our underlying ‘Archetypes’ -- the storylines that inform our personalities, passions and pursuits.

Join us for an interactive experience that looks at your life through the lens of these universal stories and characters. As you become aware of your own Archetypal patterns, you can evolve your story with a new level of intention.

We invite you to take a free 10-question quiz before attending this event to begin your Archetypal exploration.

Cynthia Forstmann -- Cynthia is a founding partner of CultureTalk where she created a simple, yet powerful framework that defines culture and personality through universal stories called Archetypes. The company’s assessment tools provide a common language and shared understanding of ‘how things work around here’ and how individuals influence that experience for better or worse. These findings become a powerful starting point for organizational change, brand strategy, culture integrations, team-building and leadership development.