Business as a Force for Good: The Power of Social Entrepreneurship.  Tour Comal Food Incubator & Enjoy a Home Cooked Dinner
5:30 PM17:30

Business as a Force for Good: The Power of Social Entrepreneurship. Tour Comal Food Incubator & Enjoy a Home Cooked Dinner

All profits will support programming for this nonprofit.
Help us kick off the Thanksgiving season while learning about the amazing work of Comal Heritage Food Incubator. Comal is a lunch restaurant and training program started by Focus Points Family Resource Center, a non-profit serving primarily immigrant families in the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods. Fortunately for us, they’ll keep the kitchen open to give us a tour, serve a delicious meal, and hear how the program improves the quality of life for participants and their families. Comal’s mission is to help aspiring women entrepreneurs develop skills in culinary arts and business as a platform for economic development. We’ll tour the facility and learn from program staff and participants, many originating from Mexico, El Salvador, Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia.

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, we invite you to bring a non-perishable food product that Comal can use when preparing an upcoming meal. We’ll put it in the cornucopia as an expression of our gratitude and willingness to share our abundance with others.

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4:00 PM16:00

Sum & Substance: Stories of Purpose

Sum and Substance logo.png

Venue Host: Denver Art Museum
Sponsored by: Janus Henderson

Hosted by: B:CIVIC

Local Partners: Conscious Capitalism Denver and Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation

Please RSVP HERE – Using the code: BMember

In partnership with Thrive Consulting, we’ve pulled together an inspiring line-up of business leaders who are redefining workplace culture in Colorado.

This live event brings together a diverse group of leaders who have found purpose at work and created pathways for others to discover theirs. Each storyteller will share their story and offer insights to the audience that helped shape their journey.

Listen and learn from the best to inspire your workplace leadership!

 Light appetizers, beer and wine will be served.

Time to connect with the storytellers and fellow attendees will be provided after the storytelling program.


Chief Wisdom Officer - DaVita

Co-Founder & CEO - Uncharted

Chief Catalyst - The Equity Project, LLC

Director of Social Responsibility - Charlotte’s Web

President & Managing Partner of GroundFloor Media and Co-Founder of CenterTable

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Lunch & Learn: Doing Work that Matters with Author Jessica Hartung

  • Catalyst’s Health-Tech Innovation Building (map)
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Are you…

Craving connection with like-minded professionals?

Looking to make work more purposeful?

Seeking to be supported and inspired?  
You are not alone.

Join us for lunch and conversation on Monday, April 29th in Denver’s RiNo District. Come for peer conversations about life at work, making a difference, and creating more joy, growth and impact.  


If you're truly passionate about making change and creating positive impact, come to share your ideas and challenges with colleagues to receive support, learn new approaches, and hear new perspectives.

We can all use reminders and strategies for how to implement and act on the things we already know and value as well as sparks of new insight to help us see the same situation in a whole new way.  

Either way, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find great connections, good food, and time to focus and reflect on work that matters. 

Discussion facilitated by Jessica Hartung, charter member of the Colorado Conscious Capitalism Chapter, serial entrepreneur and professional development expert.  Her new book, The Conscious Professional:Transform Your Life at Work was released in January. Jessica brings her 20 years of experience leading executive retreats building conscious leadership to us as a volunteer of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter. 

Join innovators in health, wellness, and leadership at Catalyst’s Health-Tech Innovation building in Denver’s RiNo District. 3513 Brighton Blvd | Denver, CO.

$5 for Member of Conscious Capitalism Denver Chapter. (Lunch provided.)
$10 for non-members (Lunch provided.)

We’ll discuss practical, deep, and effective tools
to create more meaning,
more juice, and more contribution right away.

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4:30 PM16:30

Creating the Powerful Conscious Company

Conscious Capitalism Colorado is excited to present three exciting speakers for our Fall Event. You won't want to miss this opportunity.

Raj Sisodia, co founder of Conscious Capitalism, will present The Leading Edge of Conscious Capitalism in 2018.

Topic of discussion:

  • The major trends supporting the creation of amazing conscious companies

  • The current best practices and powerful successes.

Heather Wickman from Untethered Consulting and Pete Dignan from Ever Better for a conversation about Creating the Deliberately Developmental Organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Spot the signs of organizational disease

  • Uncover critical barriers Create a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Appetizers and beverages will be served.

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3:45 PM15:45

Conscious Conversation: Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

A mindfulness practice can be a powerful tool for dealing with the fast-paced and high energy life of any entrepreneur. Focus is an important part of success, and mindfulness can improve focus, therefore improving productivity and creativity. Learn more about what you can do to apply mindfulness in your life to support your success.

Hacking Stress!

Stress is rampant in our homes and our workplaces. The implications of not dealing with stress in a healthy way is showing its ugly face in our relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. Some cry for multi-tasking, but the brain doesn’t get it. Let’s look at simple age-old hacks for improving our lives and increasing productivity at home and at work.

After living in Asia for over 20 years, Todd learned to embrace an "Eastern" approach to life. He studied Buddhism under a Taiwanese Monk for over 10 years and indulged himself in Daoism, and other Eastern philosophies. Todd has practiced meditation daily for 20 years and embraces the shift in mindset that it brings. He has come to realize the power of mindfulness when applied to increase productivity and enhance employee relations.

Mindfulness is a word that has many meanings to many people. Let’s get together to discuss applications of mindfulness and its role in Conscious Capitalism.

2018-08-16 CConv Todd Cornell.jpg
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3:45 PM15:45

Lisa Jackson Presents: How Conscious Cultures Drive More Profit

Today's economy requires people-centered cultures, that can adapt quickly to change and consistently innovate in quick cycles. But, does all that people focus really lead to higher profits?

In this cafe-style informal conversation, Lisa Jackson of Corporate Culture Pros shares WHY's behind the intensifying change landscape in society, and leads discussion on 3 pillars of profitable growth all organizations of the future need to be successful.

Come join us!

Conscious Capitalism Colorado Board of Directors and Steering Committee

Sandy, Carl, Teri, Adam, and Ryan

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3:00 PM15:00

Institute for Enterprise Ethics at DU Event in Collaboration with CCCC

Announcing an amazing upcoming event being hosted by one of our incredible partners, the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at DU. On April 18th, the Institute will be hosting an Ethical Leadership Dialogue with some pretty amazing business leaders about ethical issued companies are currently facing.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind event.

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2:00 PM14:00

Building Trust: The Key to Your Success

Trust underlies all the critical issues we hear about today from low employee engagement and commitment to culture, innovation, crises, scandals, and more. Numerous studies have shown that high trust organizations are 2-4 times more profitable than low trust groups. Do you know the true level of trust in your organization? High, spotty, awful? How about in your personal life with family and friends, or even trust in yourself?

How can you build trust, especially in challenging times, or if trust has been broken? Learn how to radically increase the trust level within your organization and your relationships from one of the world’s preeminent experts: 


“The Trust Ambassador,” Bob Whipple, MBA CPLP.

Bob Whipple.png
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