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Lisa Jackson Presents: How Conscious Cultures Drive More Profit

Today's economy requires people-centered cultures, that can adapt quickly to change and consistently innovate in quick cycles. But, does all that people focus really lead to higher profits?

In this cafe-style informal conversation, Lisa Jackson of Corporate Culture Pros shares WHY's behind the intensifying change landscape in society, and leads discussion on 3 pillars of profitable growth all organizations of the future need to be successful.

Come join us!

Conscious Capitalism Colorado Board of Directors and Steering Committee

Sandy, Carl, Teri, Adam, and Ryan

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Institute for Enterprise Ethics at DU Event in Collaboration with CCCC

Announcing an amazing upcoming event being hosted by one of our incredible partners, the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at DU. On April 18th, the Institute will be hosting an Ethical Leadership Dialogue with some pretty amazing business leaders about ethical issued companies are currently facing.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind event.

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Building Trust: The Key to Your Success

Trust underlies all the critical issues we hear about today from low employee engagement and commitment to culture, innovation, crises, scandals, and more. Numerous studies have shown that high trust organizations are 2-4 times more profitable than low trust groups. Do you know the true level of trust in your organization? High, spotty, awful? How about in your personal life with family and friends, or even trust in yourself?

How can you build trust, especially in challenging times, or if trust has been broken? Learn how to radically increase the trust level within your organization and your relationships from one of the world’s preeminent experts: 


“The Trust Ambassador,” Bob Whipple, MBA CPLP.

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