A Word of THANKS to Our Founders

As incoming President of the Colorado Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, I’m honored, excited, and, frankly, just a touch overwhelmed from time to time – because there is so much we could do, and only so much time to do it.  Thus, it is important to allow our higher purpose to lead us in choosing our priorities. This type of values-based leadership is a personal passion for me.

So, I’m super-excited and confident about the possibilities for our future as the Colorado Chapter of Conscious Capitalism (C4) – and I want to hear your suggestions for speakers, programs, etc.  I’d also love to learn how you and your company might become involved in the Conscious Capitalism Movement.

But, before we charge headfirst into the future, I want to acknowledge the incredible work our Founding Leaders have done, and the wisdom and guidance they have given me.  (Disclaimer: I offer, in advance, apologies to those not mentioned here who have given so much of themselves to advance the mission of Conscious Capitalism.)  We owe them a debt of gratitude for the work they have done to promote CC values: higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and conscious culture. 

After “working in the trenches” for 3+ years, many founders are taking a step back from formal leadership roles to allow new ideas to bubble up.  Fortunately, Teri and Carl will continue to serve in their respective roles as Treasurer and Secretary until their successors are named; and Denny Otsuga will serve as our Vice President during this period of Interim Leadership. Our Past-President, Sandy, continues to share generously with us the wealth of institutional knowledge she helped create.

A note to our volunteers

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Thanks to the efforts of our founding volunteers, I’m excited to join with you in this new phase of C4 — as we develop plans to widen our circle of values-based leadership in Colorado and beyond. I have faith that our incoming leaders are worthy of the trust and legacy our Founders have given us. 

One final note: I believe that more than ever before, our collective future will be set by prevailing values and attitudes. Thus, it is important to be clear and explicit about our values — and to join with others to embody our highest aspirations in our business practices — and in all aspects of our lives.

Again, thanks for your efforts to transform our culture by raising the consciousness of our business leaders and others in our community.  Please let me / us know how you’d like to get involved in this exciting movement. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon to help make our unfolding plans a reality. 

With sincere gratitude and warm regards,

Dr. Paula Gable
President, Colorado Chapter of Conscious Capitalism

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