Who Are The Conscious Stakeholders?

At our Fort Collins meetup this week, we had a fantastic discussion about the categories of stakeholders in a business venture.

There are the easy ones: customers, employees, suppliers, investors. But now it gets interesting.

Conscious businesses often have a special focus on the planet or environment. It's more than just throwing money over the wall to fix a problem. Instead, what happens if we treat the environment as a stakeholder in our business? It should have an ACTIVE voice in how we address its needs.

Likewise, we probably want to benefit our community, society, or even humanity in general. Again, if we think of those people as stakeholders, how to we give them an ACTIVE voice in our business?

Someone suggested that thinking about our company CULTURE is different than just the employees. And it is. So let's look at how the company culture benefits from what we're doing in our business.

And let's not forget our management team, our partners, supplier, and ... ourselves as leaders. Because if we ourselves aren't sustainable, the business is going to fall apart. It's not an ego thing, it's just recognizing that we are humans too, and honoring our needs (in balance with all the others) is beneficial to everyone.

What a great discussion!

posted by Carl Dierschow, Small Fish Business Coaching