We Want YOU!

Join us  
May 21st from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
at the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver

We are in the process of forming a new chapter of Conscious Capitalism in Colorado and we want YOU to help us create a new business-as-usual in the Centennial State. 

Our May 21st meeting is open to anyone who believes that business can be a force for good and who simply isn’t satisfied with the status quo.

This "Organizer Meeting" will include an introduction to Conscious Capitalism and an overview of our Chapter’s purpose. Then, for those who want to help organize, we will end by getting down to work.  We are incredibly excited to see you there and have some FUN getting this movement going in Colorado!

Conscious Capitalism is based on four core tenants:

  • Higher Purpose: Businesses should have a purpose beyond making profit.
  • Stakeholder Orientation: Businesses should create value for all of their stakeholders, not just their shareholders,
  • Conscious Leadership: Business leaders must deliberately open up their blind spots and never stop growing.
  • Conscious Culture: Workplace culture should be based on inspiration, love and common effort, not coercion and fear.

Research suggests that companies organized around those four tenants actually achieve and sustain far greater returns than their profit-focused competitors. This is a framework for a new and more broadly prosperous business-as-usual that leads to successful businesses, greater fulfillment, and a better world for us all.

For more information on the National organization you can see our Reflections from the annual conference or the National Conscious Capitalism website.

If you'd like to learn more OR be a part of the team developing this idea in Colorado, then this meeting is for you. Come and see what's happening, then plug in if you like what you see.

Please confirm your attendence for the May 21st event either on our MeetUp page or by sending an RSVP email to rachel@racheldavis.biz.